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Welcome to the Middle School Years

Without the shadow of a high school, we have more space to prepare for it. 

Most Green Vale students enter high school a year or more ahead of peers in math and language. They know how to research, write, listen, and form arguments. They are skilled in time management and test-taking. They know how to interact with adults and self-advocate.

This is the Green Vale edge.

There’s a reason we refer to our middle school as “Upper School”.

6th, 7th and 8th Grades at Green Vale are not in the ‘middle’ of anything: they form an exciting and engaging capstone experience. 

The Green Vale middle school program is just the thing to channel kids’ natural enthusiasm and interests. At an age when young people can feel bored and aimless, our students discover interests, take risks, and shine in the process.




Upper School

Discussion-Based Classes

High School Preparation